Aussie Pathtag Club

We are the first and original pathtag club for Australia which has been designed for all pathtag enthusiasts.

 September  2017 Tag Ballot 


The  designs  are  in  and  it's  your  time  to  let  us  know  which  design  

you'd  like  to  see  go  onto production. 

You  have  6  hearts (points)  that  you  can  allocate  to  the  designs  in  any  way  you  like. You  can  give  one design  all  your  hearts  or  you  can  share  them  equally  by  giving  each  design  2  hearts  etc... -  the  choice  is  yours.

The  design  that  receives  the  most  hearts  during  the  voting  period  by  all  our  members  will  win  the  monthly  vote  and  will become  the  APC  pathtag produced   for  that  month.

NOTE:  Just  be  aware  that  the  SUBMIT  option  will  only  become  available  once  6  hearts  have  been  allocated.  Anything  under  or over  6  will  result  in  an  error  and  remove  the  submit  option. 

                        September Theme   ~  Circus Oz                                                                                                                  

    VOTING CLOSES ON THE  11th  July

Upcoming Monthly Themes

October 2017    ~    Royal Flying Doctors Service                                  Design submissions due before 23/7/2017

November 2017~    Flying Foxes                                                            Design submissions due before 23/8/2017                    

December 2017~    Sydney Hobart Yacht Race                                      Design submissions due before 23/9/2017