Aussie Pathtag Club

We are the first and original pathtag club for Australia which has been designed for all pathtag enthusiasts.

Club Designers



You don't have to be an expert at designing pathtags to submit a design on behalf of the club, you just need to know the basics.


  • All designs are to be submitted using the form below or via email to

  • The design MUST be Australian in nature, unless stated otherwise

  • The design MUST have APC and the month/year on the front of the design (anyway you like)

  • Designs must be submitted to the club by the 23rd of each month

  • We always work in advance and our schedule is listed below

  • You can send in more that one design each month

  • You can send in designs in advance as long as they correspond to our schedule.


September     Dung beatles                                           Submissions due before 23/5/2022
October          Azaria Chamberlain                                Submissions due before 23/6/2022
November      Mr Squiggle                                             Submissions due before 23/7/2022
December      Designers choice                                    Submissions due before 23/8/2022


If your design is chosen to go up for member voting you will receive 2 of the produced pathtags for that month.

If your design WINS the member voting you will receive 4 of the produced pathtags PLUS an APC Designers Award Pathtag

If you submit a design and it is not choosen to be one of the three to be voted on you will recieve one of that month's pathtags.